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Stanford investors have until Sept. 1 to file claims

May 4, 2012
By US District Judge David C. Godbey
After holding a hearing on the motion, considering all objections, and reviewing the Receiver's cost estimate [1583], the Court overrules the objections and grants the motion in full, except that it alters the language of section twelve (12) of the proposed Notice of Bar Date and Procedures for Submitting Proofs of Claim form, Amend. Mot., Ex. 3, at 7 [1546-3], to include "relating to this claim" after "for all purposes," so that the clause reads: "If you submit a Proof of Claim Form in this case, you consent to the jurisdiction of the District Court for all purposes relating to this claim and agree to be bound by its decisions..."

Accordingly, the Court orders that:

1. The Amended Motion is granted as described herein.

2. Objections Overruled. All objections not withdrawn or resolved by this Order are overruled in all respects.

3. Retention of Claims Agent and Other Professionals. The Receiver is hereby authorized to retain Gilardi & Co. LLC as its claims agent ("Claims Agent"), and the engagement agreement between the Receiver and Gilardi & Co. LLC, Order, Ex. 1, is hereby approved. The Receiver is further authorized to retain FTI Consulting, Inc. ("FTI") to provide consultation and analysis concerning claims reconciliation and related matters, and the engagement agreement between the Receiver and FTI, Order, Ex. 2, is hereby approved.
Stanford Financial U.S. Receiver Announces Notice of Bar Date to Submit Claims Against Stanford Financial Receivership Entities
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas has entered an order establishing September 1, 2012, at 11:59 p.m.(prevailing Central Time) (the "Bar Date") as the last date for each person or entity (including individuals, partnerships, corporations, joint ventures estates, trusts and governmental units) who asserts a claim (collectively, "Claimants", as more specifically defined below) against any of the Receivership Entities listed in the box below to submit a Proof of Claim Form.

Receivership Entities
Stanford International Bank, Ltd.
Stanford Trust Company
Stanford Group Company
Stanford Financial Group Company
Stanford Capital Management, LLC
Stanford Coins & Bullion, Inc.

The list above contains only the more significant of the Receivership Entities. A complete list of the Receivership Entities is available at

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